2012 Attitash Trip Details


We’ll be arriving on Friday (Jan 27th), riding Saturday (Jan 28th) and departing Sunday morning (Jan 29th).  Remember that travel is up to you to coordinate.

People Attending

Right now, we have twelve people signed up for this trip.  They include:

  • Rob Anderson
  • Graham Berry
  • Rob Berube
  • Dan DeLaiarro
  • Charlie Dion
  • Amy Fuller
  • Blake Hathaway
  • Jeff Iwanicki
  • Wes Ramm
  • Andrea Simister
  • Paul Simister
  • Milton Valencia

I still have three or four open beds available so, if anyone has friends who are interested, give them my email address ([email protected]) and tell them to get in touch with me ASAP.

Lift Ticket Costs

Remember that this trip is a little different than other WICed Fest trips because you are responsible for buying your own lift ticket.  I am not buying tickets up front for everyone.  I would suggest buying your ticket on Liftopia.com.  I just checked the prices and tickets for that Saturday are going for $63 today compared to the $70 it will cost you at the ticket window.  That’s a $10% savings!!!

Lodging Cost

Right now, with six people going, the lodging will be a total of $60/person and that includes both nights.  That number will drop if we get more people to come.  No need to send me any money now.  I will be collecting money when we are up there.

Lodging Location

The cabin is located at 483 Ledge Glen Road in Bartlett, NH (see a map here).

Owner’s Directions

  • Take I-95 North into NH.
  • Follow Rt 16 North Spalding Turnpike.
  • Take Route 16 all the way into North Conway.
  • Follow Rte 16 through downtown, past Hospital, Past Scenic Overlook, heading towardsBartlett.
  • You will come to a set of lights; that is where Rte 16 and Rte 302 split.  Rte 16 makes a right toward Jackson/Gorham.   Rte 302 goes straight towards Bartlett, and Attitash.
  • At this set of lights go straight on Rte 302 for 0.9 miles and make a right on Jericho Rd.
  • There is a sign, but it is the street after Gravel Rd, and the White Mountain Cider Co is on the left.
  • Take that right onto Jericho Road.
  • Once on Jericho Road go 0.9 miles and take right onto Glen Ledge Road. There is not a street sign for Glen Ledge.
  • Go 0.5 miles on Glen Ledge Road.  House is on the right, number 483.  It is directly across from Big Ledge Road.

Alternate Directions

Rob Berube’s brother Paul knows NH very well (he used to have a cabin near Loon) and he had this to say about the directions:

Rt. 16 from 95 up pretty much sucks ass, especially on a Friday Night with everyone going north. It’s 1 lane with up and down speeds.

Depending on which way you are coming, he recommends a the route below. These directions are to Attitash, so adjust as needed to get to the cabin we are staying at.

  • Rt 93 North to exit 32 Kancamagus Highway Rt.112
  • Follow many mile ( 30 or so) and at the end take a left onto Rt.16
  • Go one mile (+/-) and take a left onto Washington Street
  • At fork stay left onto West Side Road. (obey speed limit as best you can…cops like this road)
  • After many miles (8 is a guess) West Side Road will appear to end at a “T” intersection.
  • If you need supplies (food, beer) take a right here onto River Road (further supply route instructions below).
  • If you don’t need supplies take a left at the “T” intersection which keeps you on West Side Road.
  • Follow West Side Road for another 4-5 miles and it will end at Rt. 302.
  • Take a left onto Rt.302 and Attitash is only 2 miles down on the left.


  • If you took a right at the intersection for supplies follow River Road one mile and take a left onto Rt16/Rt302.
  • Follow this road many miles ( 5-ish) until you get to the intersection where they split.
  • Rt.16 will be a right turn and Rt. 302 will be straight ahead.
  • However, at that intersection there’s a super market, gas station, state liquor store, and Dairy Queen. All on left.
  • Fill up on what you need and continue down Rt 302 west and Attitash will be a few miles down on the right.

Cabin is here: 483 Ledge Glen Road in Bartlett, NH

Arrival Instructions

 I will be leaving Long Island late Friday so, by my best guess, I will be there sometime between 5pm and 7:30pm on Friday.  If I’m not the first person there, the location of the key is above and the instructions on opening the house are as follows:

When you get in house thermostat is inside living room to the right. There are two thermostats, the top one works. Turn up heat but please do not go much over 70 degrees. There is a wood burning stove in living room which is more than capable of heating house., make sure smoke vents are open before starting a fire. Plenty of wood in the shed. Turn on water heater. Furnace room is by front door there is a light string to get light on. Water heater is on left. The Red Knob on bottom of heater should be on Pilot Setting, simply turn to On Position. When you leave, please return to Pilot Setting.
Kids Room
In the kids room there is electric baseboard heat. The room is plenty warm without using. If you choose to use please remember to shut off when no one is there. It works fast and uses a lot of power. Please check once and a while to make sure it is off.

TV in kitchen is on swivel, can go from facing kitchen table to facing counter.  TV has cable and DVD player. There are three remotes one for TV, Cable, and DVD player. Turn on/off Cable and TV separately To watch DVD change the input on the RCA TV remote until DVD signal appears, when done change input again until cable appears.

TV Living room. This TV has no cable box, it gets plenty of channels, and also has a DVD player, simply change source on TV to watch DVD.

(Special Note) house was not designed for all the Electric Modern Conveniences, circuit breakers are in the closet of the kids room.    The kitchen power goes out on occasion, if you use the microwave and Keurig at same times it might pop
Big TV IN DEN.  TV has HD Cable and DVD player.  There are three remotes one for TV, Cable , and DVD player.  Turn on/off Cable and TV separately.  To watch DVD change the input on the Mitsubishi  TV remote to DVD, when done with Movie change input to HDMI to watch cable.  HD Channels 700 – 800.  (If the light on the bottom right hand corner of tv is on than the tv is on.   This will burn out Bulb.   Please make sure when you turn off tv and Cable that you turn each off separately.   If the light is on the tv is on!)
Internet is wireless  . If you have a problem connecting wireless there is a hard wire line on counter in kitchen
JukeBox is powered by iTunes feel free to use but be responsible.

With all that being said, I think we’re good to go for this trip!  I’m looking forward to hanging out and riding with all of you.  Let’s hope that the East Coast keeps getting good cold weather for the next few weeks and that the snow-gods bless us with some great conditions.

If you have any questions, email me  or call (631.317.9212).

Talk to you all soon!

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