2012 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip – The Warm-Up!

If you have been hanging around the WICed Fest recently, you’re probably pretty tuned into the fact that a small faction of us are heading out to Colorado this year. Heading out west has been something we’ve been talking about as a group since we first started riding together.

Unfortunately, on a select group of us are able to head out west. And we’ve been heading north with the same basic group of folks for the last decade and then some. We didn’t want to stop that. Plus, we had to do a warm-up trip for Colorado!

So, in an effort to maintain some continuity to the WICed Fest, we threw together a quick weekend trip up to Attitash in Bartlett, NH. The trip was nothing fancy – head up on Friday to a little cabin, ride on Saturday and head home Sunday. But, in true WICed Fest style, we made the most of this trip!

Friday started off with a great dinner at a little place down the road called the Red Parka Pub. Being the unpretentious folks that we are, we ate downstairs at the pub on the recommendation of WICed Fest OG Rob Anderson. As you might imagine, it was a busy night given that it was a Friday night in a New England ski town during the winter. But, the host saw six hungry / thirsty guys and did a great job getting us seated. Saying that being sat next to six college girls was a nice touch would be an understatement… Anyway, the food was terrific, the beers even better and the live band was simply amazing. A great way to start off a terrific weekend.

Everyone else – there were eleven of us in total – started rolling in once we got back to the cabin. The libations were flowing freely as everyone caught up with each other. It’s important to note here that this trip marked the triumphant return of Rob Anderson to the WICed Fest. Rob is a co-founder and was last spotted on a WICed Fest trip around 2004. It was great to have him back in the mix. A few card games broke out, snowboard DVDs were played and everyone just had a blast. Last call was probably around 1:30am – we had some riding to do the next day!

Saturday brought a picture perfect day. And Attitash did not disappoint. The groomers were awesome in the morning enabling us to blaze some fast top to bottom runs. As the crowds grew, the mountain held up and our group started to divide into groups of riders of similar ability and speed. This phenomenon is typical with us, but we all have a nose for the bar at the end of the day! You can read more about our experience at Attitash here, but it can easily be said that it was a great day with great friends.

Saturday night was more of the same. The Red Parka Pub was so good on Friday night, we headed back again. This time we had a little trouble getting seated and there was a few problems with the food, but the overall experience was the same. And the host made good on any problems with had with items we ordered. Back at the cabin, the mood was the same as Friday night although a bit more subdued due to everyone being tired from a good day riding.

Overall, this trip couldn’t have gone better – good food, good booze, good riding, good times. That’s all we ask for at the WICed Fest. Here’s some pictures we took – enjoy!


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