2014 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip Needs More Attendees!

October has rolled into November and the weather is feeling distinctively different – winter is coming!

Time to really start thinking about the WICed Fest snowboard trip.

We sent out an email about one month ago letting you know that we’re heading to Killington on February 9 – 13, 2014 for three days of riding and four nights lodging – all for the low price of $399pp!

Since that date, we have had the following people sign up:

  • Graham Berry
  • Rob Berube
  • John Correia
  • Marc Couturier (no down payment)
  • Scott DeCastro
  • Dan DeLaiarro
  • Brad Deutsch (no down payment)
  • Brent Franklin (no down payment)
  • Rich Lavoie
  • Milton Valencia

That’s 10 out of the 20 people we need for this trip. The following people are definite possibilities:

  • Rich Beauchamp
  • Liam McHale
  • Ryan Whitney

That’s 13 possible folks total. After that, we have a bunch of no responses, doubtfuls and outright no’s.

Here’s the deal – we need 20 people signed-up (preferably paid up) by Thanksgiving. We will lose a large amount of money we’ve put down to Killington if we cancel after that. If we don’t get 20 people by Thanksgiving, the Killington plans will be cancelled and we’ll work on planning a trip somewhere else. Any funds put as down payments by attendees will be rolled into down payments for the new trip or refunded if they don’t want to go to the new location.

So, if you’re on the fence, please try and make a decision ASAP. We do not want to cancel the Killington trip if we don’t have to but we’ll be forced to without enough interest.

In order to contact us, you can email me at dan AT wicedfest DOT com and let me know what you plan on doing.

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