2009 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip Pictures

We decided to return to the Northeast Kingdom area of Vermont in 2009 when the WICed Fest visited Burke Mountain – the first of two trips to this hidden gem.  Despite the blast we had riding, we were able to snap a few pictures.  We hope you enjoy!

If you have any additional pictures from this trip, send them to us here and we’ll make sure they are added to the gallery.

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2008 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip Pictures

As we continue a stroll down memory lane, we’ve found some pictures from our 2008  WICed Fest Snowboard Trip to Jay Peak in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont.  We hope you enjoy!

If you have any additional pictures from this trip, send them to us here and we’ll make sure they are added to the gallery.

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2005 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip

Next up, we have pictures from the WICed Fest’s one and only invasion of New Hampshire.  We conquered the place that many of us grew up riding – Waterville Valley.  Enjoy the pictures!

If you have any additional pictures from this trip, send them to us here and we’ll make sure they are added to the gallery.

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2010 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip Pictures

As a build up to the 2012 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip to Colorado, we’ll be positing picture galleries from various trips.  Below is the photo gallery from the 2010 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip to Sugarloaf in Maine!

If you have any additional pictures from this trip, send them to us here and we’ll make sure they are added to the gallery.

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2012 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip Announced!

The WICed Fest is heading to Snowmass!

Snowmass Powder!

Hey folks – I don’t know what the weather is like where you are right now, but here on Long Island it seems that we’re heading full blast into fall.  Temps were in the low 50’s when I woke up this morning and aren’t expected to get out of the mid 60’s this weekend.  Football is back on TV and the Octoberfest brews are lining the shelf.  With all these signs of fall, snowboarding can’t be far behind!

Survey Results

Three weeks ago we sent out a link to a survey regarding this year’s WICed Fest Snowboard Trip. We were very happy to get responses from 21 people.  Without further babbling, here are the highlights:

  • Over half of you (52%) were interested in doing a trip out west (cost-dependent)!
  • The sweet spot for a trip cost (not including airfare) was $1,000 (42%) with 38% of you saying you want to spend less than $1,000.
  • There was no particular preference between lodging accommodations
  • A whopping 95% of you said we don’t need to be slopeside (That surprised me!)

2012 Trip Details

All the information gathered off the survey in addition to numerous hours doing research has resulted in a decision for the 2012 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip location.  It is with much excitement that we announce the WICed Fest is going west of the Mississippi this year!  And, we’ve kept the trip cost (minus airfare) under $1,000!

Here’s the details:

  • Location: Snowmass Colorado
  • Dates:
    • Arrival: March 1, 2012 (Thursday)
    • Ride: March 2 – 5, 2012
    • Departure: March 6th (Tuesday)
  • Cost: $800/person (includes five nights lodging and four day lift ticket)
  • Lodging: That’s still TBD.  For sake of planning sanity, we’re going to work on the premise that we’re staying in a hotel – Pokolodi Lodge – which is right near the lifts.  There’s a two person per room requirement here.  If we have enough people, we may move to the Woodbrige Condominimums which would provide us with the amenities of a house (kitchen for cooking, etc).  This move would save us a few bucks on food and would also decrease the trip cost by about $15 per person.
  • Travel: Like every other WICed Fest, it’s up to the attendee on how they get there.  We have a travel agent we’re working with who would definitely help you out (and may be able to get reduced fares), but it will be up to each individual to plan their own travel.  For what it’s worth, we’ve found that flying into Denver from the New York area costs about $300 and flying into Aspen costs about $600.  Denver, however, is a 3-4 hour drive to Aspen.  Also, flying into Vail may be a little cheaper and it’s about a 1.5 hour drive.  Costs from the Boston, Providence and Baltimore areas seem to be on par with these numbers.

Quick Response Required!

We need to act quickly on this trip.  We already have three people confirmed, but we need to make our lodging decision ASAP.  That decision will be made once we have confirmation of how many people are going on the trip.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Dan by Tuesday, September 20th and let him know if you are going on the trip or are at least seriously considering it.
  2. Send as much of the $800 (minimum $400) by October 1, 2011.  Payment information will be sent in a follow-up email later next week.
  3. If you’re definitely NOT going on the trip, please contact Dan as well and we will make sure you are off distribution for this year’s trip.

OK, that’s enough for now.  Enjoy the beautiful fall weather and make sure you get back to us as soon as possible!  We’re looking forward to making this year’s trip one to remember!
All the best,


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2012 Snowboard Trip Survey

We’re in the planning stages for the 2012 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip and would love to hear your feedback!  Click on the link below and take the quick survey – it won’t take more than 5 mins.  It really helps us decide on the where, when and how much of this trip!


Click Here To Go To The Survey

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We’re Back!

I hope everyone’s summer has been going well.  I know we’ve been very busy down here enjoying the beautiful weather.  But, despite how nice it’s been outside, it’s never too early to start thinking about snow!  And when the snow shows up, you know that the WICed Fest isn’t far behind.

There’s been lots of updates over the last few months, so let me jump into it.

Facelift Is Complete!

It’s been a long, long time coming, but the WICed Fest website has finally been updated.  The new, sleeker design allows us to post more regularly and bring you information on time.  We only have the old posts up there right now, but more information will be coming in the next few weeks.

Also, you’ll notice that we’ve created a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  If you’re so inclined, feel free to follow us on one or both places (links on the website).  Also, please note that I have a new email address specifically for WICed Fest related stuff – dan[at]wicedfest.com.  Feel free to contact me here or on my GMail account for anything.

Email List To Replace Manual Bulk Emails

This next change is probably the most drastic change.  I have managed all your contact information through and Excel sheet over the last 12 years.  That has started to become a wicked chore (pun intended) given that this email is now going out to over 70 people.  In an effort to simplify my life a little bit, I’ve decided to move to a managed email list.  What that means for you is that, if you are still interested in receiving WICed Fest related emails, you’ll need to join the email list.  And, in case you’re worried, that’s all this list will be used for – no spam or me trying to sell you anything…just the stuff you normally get from me regarding the trips.  You can either enter your information on the front page of WICedFest.com or go to this site – http://eepurl.com/d7wUL.

ACTION FOR YOU: Sign-up for the WICed Fest Email List (front page of WICedFest.com or here – http://eepurl.com/d7wUL).  If you do not sign-up, you will not receive any WICed Fest related emails including all emails about future snowboard trips.  Obviously, if you are not interested in hearing about future trips, please do not sign-up.

2012 WICed Fest Snowboard Trip

While it’s still a bit early to have any kind of notion of what this trip will be like, I can tell you that we are seriously looking at going out west this year.  As most of you know, Anthony (my brother) is out in Aspen and it may be his last winter out there (depends on a lot of things), so I’m looking at making the trip.  IF that happens, we’ll be going to SnowMass.  More info to follow…

OK, that’s all for now.  Make sure you join the email list if you want to be notified of any further WICed Fest developments.

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Brookfield, CT – Due to the inclement weather that is forecasted in the New Fairfield, CT area for this coming weekend, the 2003 WICed Fest has been postponed indefinitely. We would like to thank all the sponsors, bands, and volunteers who worked so hard with us during the past couple of months while we were planning this event.

Please keep checking back to our website, www.WICedFest.com, for information regarding the future of this year’s event.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either:

Dan DeLaiarro Rob Anderson


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WICed Fest 2003 – The Countdown Begins!

Brookfield, CT – In just 48 short hours, the Northeast is going to explode with the biggest wakeboarding party that’s ever made its way up to this area! WICed Fest 2003 will kick off on the morning of Friday, June 20th and keep the good times rolling all the way through the afternoon of Sunday, June 22nd. As it has in years past, The Marina at Cottonwood Cove will be serving as a home base of sorts for the riders that will be tearing up the waters of Candlewood Lake.

For those of you who have been to the WICed Fest, you know that the WICed Fest is not only a celebration of wakeboarding, but a celebration of the wakeboarding lifestyle! Not only do we ride, but we throw a great party in the process. This year we will have bands, barbeques, sponsors with tents set up, parties, and other various forms of mayhem to keep our WICed Festers entertained when they are not out riding.


We’ll have six bands rocking our stage this year. Every year the music seems to get better and better and this year is no exception. The first band, Victor’s Army, goes on at 12 noon, so be sure to be there for them and be ready to rock through the rest of the afternoon! The band line up looks like this:


As always, we want to thank the bands who donate their musical talents to make our party rock! You guys are the best! We also need to give a big shout out to Smorgasbord Records who helped the WICed Fest by booking the bands, flyering for the event, and coordinating the music for the last four years.

Liquid Force Party at Down the Hatch

Liquid Force Wakeboards will be sponsoring a party at Down the Hatch, a restaurant/pub located directly on Candlewood Lake, on Friday night. Talk about easy access! Just pull your boat up and join the fun! Down the Hatch is accessible by land, but parking can be tricky sometimes, so come by boat if you can! You’ll have to be 21 to partake in the tasty libations for the evening, but for you underage WICed Festers, you’re more than welcome to come down and grab some grub! We’ll be doing some giveaways and raffles. The party atmosphere is worth the trip and you’ll be sure to catch up with those WICed Festers that you haven’t seen for a while!

Malibu Luau at The Marina

Saturday night will have a much more laid back, island feeling while we throw down at the Malibu Luau. The Marina will be turned into a full on party palace with the Tiki Hut serving up your favorite tropical drinks. Again, you must be 21 to drink, but we’ll be sure to have some virgin drinks for you youngins. The dock will have tiki torches running along them and we’ll have music blasting from about 8:00 – 10:00 PM. Again, they’ll be giveaways and a ton of fun at the Luau. This part of the weekend always seems to be one of the best, so don’t miss it!

How can you pass up on all this excitement? The WICed Fest will rock this year and you will want to be part of it!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either Dan or Rob at:


Dan DeLaiarro Rob Anderson

Also, be sure to check out our website at www.WICedFest.com. It’s full of important information like directions, lodging information, and sponsor info. We’ve also got pictures up from last year’s event.

We’ll see you on Friday!

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WICed Fest 2003 – Ready to Rock and Roll!

Brookfield, CT – With just three short weeks to go, WICed Fest fever is definitely infecting the Northeast! The weekend of June 20th – June 22nd will surely be a huge kickoff to the summer and a great official start to the wakeboarding season in the Northeast. For those of you who don’t know, The Marina at Cottonwood Cove is playing host to the sixth annual WICed Fest, which is once again calling Candlewood Lake home.

The sponsor lineup for this event is growing everyday with more and more people being added all the time. Of course, the event comes to you courtesy of AIXS Boardsports. The main board sponsors, Hyperlite and Liquid Force, will be providing board and binding demos all weekend. Malibu Boats and Centurion Boats will be there displaying their new lineups. You may even get a chance to ride behind one of these fine beasts! Inland Watersports will be present supporting the cause as well as Red Bull. In Good Health LLC and Brookfield Community Chiropractor will both have information booths set up. More sponsorships are in the works and we’re just itching to let you know about them but the best chance you have at learning about all the sponsors is to come on down and experience the mayhem that is the WICed Fest first hand!

The general schedule of the WICed Fest will remain relatively similar to the past few years – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Friday will be a Meet & Greet kind of day with last minute touches taking place and everyone arriving. The culmination of that day will be the Liquid Force sponsored party at Down the Hatch, a local bar located on Candlewood Lake. Down the Hatch is located both by land and water, but, due to a parking crunch, is far more accessible by water.

Saturday morning will provide you will stellar riding conditions. Head out early and rip it up like a madman! During the day Saturday there will be a $12 BBQ put on by the folks at The Marina. Bands will be playing all day featuring the reggae of Guerillafinga, the rock of Dead 50’s, and the punk stylings of Victor’s Army. Product demos and information booths will also be up all day. Feel free to ride as much as you want, that’s what this event is all about! Later that night Malibu will be sponsoring the Malibu Luau. This party has been a staple of the last two WICed Fests and has always been remembered as one of the highlights of the weekend.

Demos and chilling will be the theme of the day on Sunday. Sunday is traditionally a more laid back day where everyone sits back with their friends – new and old – and reminisces over the funny, wacky, and unbelievable events of the weekend. This day is also a good day to try out that last board or binding and to make sure that all those new riding buddies you’ve made know how to get in touch with you. Buy yourself a WICed Fest T-shirt and start getting ready for next year!

As we tell you every year, you’ll do yourself a big favor by bringing your own boat! While there will be plenty of people there for pulls, getting a ride behind your boat and not having to wait as long is always a plus. If you need information about getting an inexpensive slip for the weekend, give Talbot a call at the The Marina and ask about a slip for the WICed Fest. His phone number is (203) 746-2947.

Our website is full of information regarding the WICed Fest. Do yourself a favor and check it out at www.WICedFest.com. On there we have the latest and most up to date information. You’ll also be able to get directions to the event, find local lodging (Best Inn & Suites has a special WICed Fest Deal), check out where you can grab some grub after riding, and check out pictures from last year’s WICed Fest. So, get ready because the Northeast is about to get rocked by the biggest party this side of the Mason/Dixon line! WICed Fest 2003 is going to be one for the record books!

For more information on the event, or if you are interested in sponsoring the WICed Fest, please contact:

Dan DeLaiarro Rob Anderson


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