WICed Fest 2002 Recap

Shenanigans went down big time at the Fifth Annual WICed Fest! Check out this quick recap to see what all the commotion was about!

Impressive….that’s the one word that I think of every year to describe the WICed Fest and this year was no exception. It seems that every year gets better, bigger, and phatter!

Friday started off all overcast and ugly. I worked until about noon and headed down to Candlewood for the weekend. I helped the crew set everything up and by the time we had finished, the sun had ripped through and the day was ready for riding. Before we get to that though, I really have to hand it to Rob Anderson, his crew at AXIS Boardsports, Talbot from the Marina and all the people who help us every year. We really have figured this thing out and setting up for this year’s event went smoother than it every has. There were no hitches. So, we get out and get some riding in. Conditions were decent and everyone in the crew had a great run. I was lucky enough to ride with listees Steve Haynes, Brent Franklin, and their respective others. All rode well and started getting stoked on that nights activities.

After picking up my girlfriend (she had to work all day in NYC and took the train all the way back to Danbury), I headed over to Down the Hatch with my crew and my brother and his friends. This place was off the hook. I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a year or two and a good time was had by all. For those of you who don’t know, Down the Hatch is a bar right on the water that most people can drive their boat up to. Pete’s WICed Ale had drink specials going all night and we just rocked the house.

Eventually, everyone dwindled out around closing time and rambled into a bed somewhere. Me and my crew were amongst the couple of people to brave the early morning wake up call (and cold air) that got some great riding on some glass. Brent, Ant, Steve and I all had great sets and really enjoyed riding. It’s become a tradition every year that the guys get up early and ride while the “women folk” sleep late and cruise over to meet us mid-day. We had a great time that morning for doing some photo-shoot work (Brent always seems to go bigger when there’s a camera on him) and even did some gnarly wakeskating.

Then it was back to the Marina….ah, the Marina….home base for the WICed Fest. This year, we had so much to do there! Lucky Soul Tatoo had a booth set up displaying work and they were super cool. I’ll be heading down there soon as it’s too cold to ride (don’t need to cut into riding time while I take care of new ink). Bruce Chrisner from Liquid Force worked the place like a superstar, hooking everyone up with LF demos and all in all just being a great ambassador to the sport. LF, you guys are lucky to have a guy like this hawking your goods. AXIS had a tent set up and provided all the Festers with the little things they forgot…shades, sunscreen, hats, towels, etc. On top of that, they are all just a chill group and rocked to hang with. NYC artist Chris Colorusso provided the Festers with a Chill Out Room where you could get out of the shade…definitely a “chill” place. Then there was my personal favorite. Brookfield Community Chiropractic had an area set up where they were doing adjustments. This lady became my (and just about everybody else’s) best friend for the weekend. For no charge, she’d crack every bone in your back, next, and shoulders and make you feel like a million bucks. I’m sure she got more than one new customer.

To top it all off, we had some of the most kickass bands play! Silencer, BigTopLow, Flood, Windfall, Super Kid, Rainshine, and GuerrillaFinga all rocked the party! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a great group of bands (and people – the members of the bands that I did get to talk to were incredibly cool and super stoked to be there!). As always, we were psyched to have such a great arraingement of bands and are so gratious to the bands for playing!

Amongst all this chaos, people found time to ride….alot! That was probably the best thing I noticed about this year’s WICed Fest. A lot of people came up to me and said that they thought the best thing about the weekend was that the vibe was the best it’s ever been and that there seemed to be more emphasis put back on the riding! That is probably the thing I am most proud of this year! I think we had lost a little bit of that and had become too concerned with getting things for people to do. The emphasis of this event was and always will be the riding! I’m glad people are starting to really feel that way.

Saturday night was completely insane. We had a luau on the docks with Brent, his fiancee Christy, and my girlfriend Marissa working the tiki hut/bar. These guys worked their tales off to make sure that everyone had a good time and I’m so thankful to them. I’d also like to thank Malibu for helping us out and sponsoring the party. Without you guys and your support, it wouldn’t have been as great as it was!

Sunday has always been a chill out day and this year was no exception. Everyone was worn down and chill. Most of the sponsors were able to come back and set up shop for the day. We had demos going all day and people just hanging around chilling with their new riding buds. The afternoon was highlighted by a water trampoline contest that pro rider CJ Kelley MC’d and the Flying Hawaiian (sorry, didn’t catch your full name) won! He walked away with a brand new LF Evo while all the contestants walked away with either a shirt or hat.

There’s so many people I have to thank and I’m sure I’m going to miss someone, but here goes: Rob Anderson and his crew at AXIS Boardsports, Talbot and the Marina, the crew from Lucky Soul Tatoo, all the incredible bands, the “Miracle” Lady from Brookfield Community Chiropractic, the guys from Red Bull, Bruce from LF, the rep from Hyperlite, Chris and his Chill Out Room, Pat and Wakeboarder.com, Steve and Off Axis Gear, Liquid Force, Malibu Boats, Inland Watersports, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Volcom, Electric Sunglasses, Earthwake Web Designs, and anybody else who lended a hand this weekend. You guys are all what makes WICed Fest the defining event in the Northeast! If I forgot your name, I’m sorry…I’m still recovering from all the sun and fun this weekend!

Thanks again to everyone involved…you make WICed Fest kick ass! Look for more pictures and a more in-depth recap soon on the website!

Peace and Butter,

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