WICed Fest 2003 – Boat Slips and BBQ

WICed Fest 2003 is quickly starting to take place. Once again this year, the Marina at Cottonwood Cove will be our headquarters. Talbot, the Marina owner, will be providing boat slips for the WICed Festers at a small fee. If you’re bringing your boat, and we strongly suggest you do, (you wouldn’t want to miss out on all that great riding, would you?) simply give Talbot a call at (203) 746-2947 and let him know that you want a slip for the WICed Fest!

Also, the Marina will be providing a BBQ for all the WICed Festers during the weekend. For $12 each day you’ll be able to eat and drink. You can’t beat that deal anywhere!

If you have any questons, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with eitherDan or Rob.

There’s plenty more information coming your way in the upcoming week or two! Stay tuned!


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